Dual Diagnosis

There are plenty of studies which prove the link between substance abuse and mental illness is very real. Many people who come to Alcohol Treatment in Orlando also suffer from a mental illness such as bi-polar disorder or schizophrenia which can actually cause and prolong substance abuse. Dual diagnosis treatment is necessary for effectively treating substance abuse and its underlying mental illness.

The reason someone began using drugs and alcohol in the first place is very important when it comes to their recovery. Someone with a mental illness cannot truly get sober until they improve their mental health standing. Treating mental illness allows someone to break the habit of addiction that they’ve been trapped in for so long.

Beating addiction and mental illness through dual diagnosis is the best way for someone to reach sobriety. With the help of certified addiction counselors, it’s possible for anyone to succeed on their path to recovery. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication, but those who truly set their sights on getting clean will have success. Don’t go another day letting drugs and alcohol rule your life, take back control with help from Alcohol Treatment in Orlando. 


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