Don't Go Another Day Addicted to Drugs and Alcohol

Pain killer addiction is nothing to take lightly. The most recent estimate from a study conducted by the Trust for America’s Health said that nearly 50 people die from an opiate medication overdose every single day. For comparison, around 90 people are killed every day in car accidents and that accounts for the 200 million people who get in a car every day. Their most certainly are not 200 million people taking pain killers every day so the mortality rate for opiates should be even more alarming.

Florida doesn’t have the highest rate of opiate deaths per day, that outstanding distinction goes to West Virginia, but it is enough to cause concern among the specialists at Alcohol Treatment Orlando. While plenty of people come to rehab for help with alcohol, the rise in the number of opiate abusers is not to be taken lightly. One way the addiction specialists have gone about helping people with addiction is through education programs that teach people the dangers of opiate dependence.

Since people are prescribed opiates through their doctor, many are blind to the fact that these drugs are highly dangerous and addictive. They see the pills as medicine and medicine is always a good thing right?


Long term opiate use and drug abuse in Orlando can cause serious health problems like liver and kidney failure, repertory depression and death. Opiate users will build up a tolerance to the drugs overtime, meaning they need a higher dosage to feel the same effects. This makes overdosing a very real and likely possibility for people who take the pills regularly all day long to manage pain.

Contact the drug and alcohol abuse counselors at Alcohol Treatment Orlando today for more information about how opiate addiction is ruining your life. With help from the right people, overcoming addiction and getting sober is within your grasp. Talk to one of our addiction experts today and get your life back on the right track.

Beating Opiate Addiction in Orlando

We all have preconceived notions of who an opiate addict really is. We have stereotypes built into our minds of how an opiate addict looks, how they act, and who they spend their time with. Most people associate an opiate addict with someone who is in significant pain and needs the drugs for medical purposes. Opiate addicts come in many different forms however. Just because a person may look the part of an opiate addict doesn’t mean they necessarily are one. It also goes both ways. Some of the most successful and seemingly put together people can struggle with an addiction to opiates and other drugs. We may look past the opiate use of a loved one just because they seem like they have all of their ducks in a row. Don’t fool yourself, being a functioning opiate addict carries serious health risks and can even lead to overdose and death.

Opiates are some of the most addictive substances around. Functioning opiate addicts may seem like they have everything under control and that’s where the problems lie. A person may convince themselves that they can take the pills all day long and it won’t have an effect on them. Opiates are so dangerous because they are designed to be so effective. People are overdosing on opiates are an alarming rate and it’s because people develop a tolerance to the pills. It means they have to take more and more of the pills every day to feel the same effects.

The long term health risks are just as pressing as the short term. Opiate addiction in Orlando has a direct correlation with serious health problems. If drinking does not kill you due to the immediate dangers, long term opiate addicts usually have a litany of health problems that severely decrease quality of life as they age.  Since opiates are so addictive, quitting the habit is not an easy process, particularly for those who have been using for years. The detox process is difficult because there is both a physical and mental dependence to overcome. Making it through detox is tough, but living your life opiate-free afterwards is arguably the tougher task. Opiates are deeply embedded in our society and the temptation to use will always be present. Get the help you need from Alcohol Treatment Orlando today!

Even the Rich and Famous Can Fall to Addiction

When most people think of drug addicts and alcoholics, they think of someone who is poor, dirty and homeless. However, addiction can happen to people from all walks of life, just ask Aldon Smith.

Smith, a prominent member of the NFL’s San Francisco 49ers, burst onto the scene after a stellar rookie year in 2011. His size, speed and freakish athletic ability made him one of the best defensive players in the game. However, at only 23 years old, Smith has a lot to learn about what it means to be a mature adult. Recently, Smith was booked on his second DUI charge after crashing his car at 7am with a blood-alcohol content of .15, nearly twice the legal limit in California. Responding law enforcement also found marijuana and prescription pills in the car. While Smith had a legitimate prescription for the medication, the marijuana and DUI meant he was headed right to jail. Smith is just another in a long list of NFL players who have been busted for drunk driving in the past few years. After consulting with his coaches, Smith took a leave of absence from the team in order to attend rehab and hopefully get his life straightened out.

It doesn’t matter how talented you are, getting past a substance abuse problem is paramount to your overall success. Smith had everything; the million dollar contract, the cars, houses and fame. However, all of that wasn’t enough to say no to drinking and doing drugs despite the fact that they have the potential to torpedo his career before it even gets off the ground. Substance abuse can affect people from all walks of life and can derail your plans in an instant. Recovering from drug and alcohol abuse can be difficult, but not when you get help from the addiction experts at Alcohol Treatment Orlando. It doesn’t matter what substance you are addicted to, the professionals at Alcohol Treatment Orlando can help guide you through every step of the process to ensure your success. When you get help from the right place, getting sober has never been easier.

Aldon Smith made the choice to go to rehab because he saw that his lifestyle was going to have serious implications on his ability to do his job. His fellow players, coaches and the owner of the 49ers have all banded together to make sure he knows he is not alone in his fight against addiction. Hopefully the first thing he works on in rehab is good decision making because driving drunk at 7am in the middle of the football season with practice later that day is one of the dumbest decisions he could have possibly made. Rehab can help instill positive values and life skills in a person so they have the tools they need to stay sober in the long run. It doesn’t matter if you are addicted to alcohol, marijuana, cocaine, heroin or prescription drugs, Alcohol Treatment Orlando has experienced staff who can help get your life back on the right track. Call today for more information about how addiction treatment can help you!



Recovery is Possible with the Right Help

At an addiction treatment center like Alcohol Treatment in Orlando, we understand how difficult recovery can actually be. Those addicted to drugs and alcohol may feel like they don’t have any options when it comes to getting sober. Recovering from addiction is not an overnight process. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication in order to truly reach sobriety. Here are the top five tips for overcoming substance abuse for people from all walks of life.

  • Make recovery the most significant thing in your life. You can’t recover from drug and alcohol addiction if you’re not fully committed to the journey. Those who are not completely serious about getting sober will fall right back into the same habits after leaving a rehab facility.
  • Don’t get ahead of yourself. Recovery is a process that should be taken one day at a time. It doesn’t make sense to look at the big picture of recovery when you’re trying to get clean. Don’t let negative thoughts cloud your judgment and allow you to turn back to drugs and alcohol.
  • A change of scenery can be a very positive thing for someone who struggles with drug and alcohol abuse. Those who have a group of friends that constantly use drugs and alcohol together probably feel some peer pressure to keep up appearances and keep using. Getting away for a while can help someone get control of their own life.
  • Contact an addiction rehab facility to get professional help from trained addiction counselors. Addiction specialists have the expertise and experience to help anyone reach sobriety. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to get clean, but getting help from a counselor can make the process that much easier.

Addiction recovery is possible as long as you get professional help and set your mind to truly changing. Rehab can be a scary proposition for most people but you don’t have to worry about a thing when you put your faith in the addiction treatment techniques practiced at a rehab facility. 

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